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  • Investor Compensation Scheme
    Information about claims relating to Maltese Cross Financial Services Limited is available from the wesbite of the Investor compensation Scheme (
  • ARM Securities
    Aggornament dwar l-applikazzjoni ghall-kumpens li investituri fl-ARM ircevew ricentement mill-Financial Services Compensation Scheme tar-Renju Unit
  • Annual Report 2013
    Download the 2013 Annual Report of the Consumer Complaints Unit.
  • Setanta Insurance
    Our FAQs about Setanta Insurance Company Limited have been updated with the latest news from the liquidator
  • Nominee Services
    A new section on our portal for particular interest to investors. We explain what “nominee services” are and what information your investment firm should give you if you avail of this service.
  • Gone phishing
    Internet users should beware of phishy emails. They stink! And if you are not careful, you might even get stung. If you found our section about phishing interesting, SHARE IT with our friends!
  • ARM Securities
    Updated information for Maltese investors about the application for compensation announced by the UK's Financial Services Compensation Scheme


mymoneybox is the consumer website of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

The MFSA is the regulatory authority for all financial services in Malta.

It is also responsible for educating consumers about financial services and to investigate complaints from consumers against financial entities.

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