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In this section, you may compare the main features of motor insurance policies offered in Malta. You will not find details about how much you may be charged (i.e. the premium) for such policies.

All companies which offer motor policies are included. Details of every insurer and agents which may issue policies are located at the top of each table you generate.

You can generate two types of tables – by insurer or type of cover.

By insurer: You can generate a table containing main features of motor policies (third party only, third party fire and theft and comprehensive) issued by one insurer.

By type of policy: Select one of three types of policies which may be issued by any insurer: third party only, third party fire and theft or comprehensive. Then select up to three insurers to compare their features.

The database, and any accompanying information, should not be the only source of information about the types of motor insurance policies being offered in Malta. Indeed, the database contains main and standard features of insurance policies and is therefore, not exhaustive.

The premium you pay is an important factor but should not be the ONLY factor when selecting which policy to purchase. You should always ask your insurer about the level of cover of your policy. Ask about any additional premium which may be applicable for specific additional cover. You also have to pay stamp duty with each policy you purchase. Stamp duties are non-refundable. Some insurers may also charge an additional administration (policy) fee.

The comparative tables do not replace the insurance policy or any information provided by the insurer. They are meant to assist you when selecting which policy may be applicable to your circumstances. You may also be able to download specimen policy documents from most insurers’ websites.

More general information about motor insurance is available from the section titled "Insurance".

The database is updated as often as necessary. However, we rely on insurers to indicate changes to their insurance policies. If you notice that information on our database is incorrect, please let us know and we promise to update it after seeking more information from the insurance company.    

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