Contractors’ All Risks Insurance


  • What is a Contractors’ All Risks Policy?

  • Is there a legal requirement to issue a Contractors’ All Risk policy when undertaking a construction project?

  • What does a Contractors’ All Risks Policy cover?

  • What values would be insured under the policy?

  • Who would be covered under the policy?

  • When do I need to take up the policy and for how long?

  • What if there is a delay and works are not finished at expiry date of the policy?

  • Can I choose to cover only third parties without covering the contract works?

  • What information would I need to obtain a quotation for this policy?

  • What will affect the premium under the policy?

  • Would there be a return premium if the works are finished earlier than estimated?

  • Are there usually any particular terms and conditions included under such policies?

  • Is there another way to cover my works and liability without issuing such as policy?