Medical Cover Abroad


It is imperative that you take a copy of the policy document with you and keep it handy at all times and look out for the emergency number you are to dial in case you need international medical service. It might be the case that the insurance won’t cover you for the medical expenses incurred unless such medical services are contacted immediately upon you needing hospitalisation (or if the condition is serious, soon after hospitalisation) and before repatriation to Malta.

Last but not least, always take with you the European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC) independently of the purpose of your trip. This allows anyone who is insured or covered by a statutory social security scheme of the EEA (any member state of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) to receive medical treatment in another member state for free or at a reduced cost, if that treatment becomes necessary during their visit (for example, due to illness or an accident), or if they have a chronic pre-existing condition (for example, in cases of asthma, diabetes, or cancer) which requires care. However, it is important to note that the card does not cover your health care costs while abroad if you are travelling in order to obtain treatment for an illness or injury that you had before travelling. Nor does the card cover you for private sector health care provider. Access for more information about the benefits of EHIC and the terms applicable for the use of this card in public medical facilities.

The European health insurance Card is complementary to the private insurance but does not replace it. It will never cover the cost of bringing you back to Malta in the event of serious illness, accident or death. Even with an EHIC you may still be faced with large bills to cover your share of the costs in some countries. Therefore a travel insurance policy is highly recommended.

Last updated: Sep 07, 2016