SMS Alert - Monitor your card Transactions


Cash remains king (for many Maltese consumers). But the use of debit and debits cards is now a preferred means of payment – whether for online or in person shopping.
It may be difficult to monitor transactions with your cards and there may be instances were fraudulent/unauthorised go unnoticed.
A number of banks offer an SMS alert service whereby the card user is informed each time his card is used to withdraw cash from an ATM or when particular transactions are done on-line or physically at a shop.
Such a service MAY NOT alert you of ALL card transactions. Sometimes alerts are only sent if the transaction exceeds a specific limit, for example. Furthermore, some banks send an SMS alert for all ATM and online transactions, but only do so selectively for some transactions done in person when buying at retail stores.
Your bank can only send you SMS alerts if it knows your mobile number. You should ask you bank if it offers an SMS alert service and clarify when you should expect to be notified. Some banks offer a free SMS alert service, other may charge a nominal fee. Make sure that you provide your bank with a valid mobile number for each card that you have!
SMS alerts do not substitute your obligations when using cards. Keep your PIN confidential at all times and never leave your cards unattended (you would not leave your wallet full of cash lying around, would you?).

Last updated: Jun 21, 2017