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Welcome to mymoneybox– a new educational website which incorporates all the services provided within the Consumer Complaints Unit of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

The MFSA, as the regulatory authority for financial services in Malta, has appointed the Consumer Complaints Manager who receives complaints directly from the public either in writing or verbally.  The role of the Complaints Manager is to provide consumers of financial services with a free service for investigating complaints against financial entities.

The Complaints Manager considers each case impartially and on its merits and he may be able to help if consumers have a complaint they cannot sort out with their:

  • bank,
  • intermediary offering investment services,
  • insurance company,
  • insurance intermediary,
  • stockbroker.

The MFSA is also responsible for providing consumer education and information about financial services and to answer queries from the public on financial services in general.
We hope you will find the information on our site of interest. Come and visit us often as we will be adding more information as we go along. Subscribe to mymoneybox if you would like us to inform you when we update our site.

Our website has been designed with you - the consumer - in mind. So we look forward to hearing from you - whether you would like to post us a question or to put forward a suggestion. Simply click on the ‘Contact Us’ link above and follow the menu.

Thank you.
The team at the MFSA's Consumer Complaints Unit

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Last updated: Sep 07, 2016