APR Calculator

The APR generated by this calculator is for guidance only and should not be relied upon as the determining factor before you take out a loan.

There may be instances where the APR calculated by your bank is different from that generated above. If this is so, print this page and discuss the result with your bank. This will help you identify which variables might have been excluded from the calculations.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Taking out a loan means signing many documents. Make sure you know your contractual obligations and only commit your signature after you have understood what is expected of you under the contract

Before you use the APR calculator, make sure you have read and understood what the Annual Percentage Rate of charge means. This information is available from here.

Amount*: This is the amount of the credit, that is the amount borrowed or that part of the credit which remains unpaid (excluding interest).

Annual interest rate*: The rate which is charged or paid for the credit, expressed annually. It is assumed that the rate of interest remains unchanged for the length of the loan agreement.

Additional fees: Include the following costs:
1. Non recurring costs such as loan processing fees, legal fees, and property valuation fees.
2. Additional recurring costs such as premium paid for home insurance, life insurance and payment protection insurance.

No. of months*: The length of the loan agreement, expressed in months.

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