August 2018

Welcome to another edition of mymoneybox, the MFSA monthly e-newsletter covering information from the regulator about financial products and services.

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Home Loans                                  

Financing a home loan is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your lifetime. Although this can be confusing and complicated it is important to understand what to ex-pect in the future before signing a loan agreement.

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Featured Articles

Preparing for retirement

Retirement should be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling times of your life. Helping your children or grandchildren financially can be rewarding. After a successful career and a sense of fulfilment with what you have achieved, the ability to live a retirement lifestyle as desired can make this part of your life quite pleasant. Nonetheless, there are still financial issues that should be tackled.


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Travel Insurance

We sometimes tend to get carried away with all the arrangements for a much expected break and leave the most important things (such as travel insurance) to the last minute. Nothing can ruin your holiday faster than lost luggage or an unexpected accident. Having travel insurance won’t prevent things from going wrong, but it can make things much easi-er if you get in trouble.

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MFSA warnings and foreign warnings received by the MFSA

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