December 2018

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Online Investing                                           

The internet is a legitimate channel that is increasingly used by firms to market investment products to retail investors. Firms use the internet to offer retail investors instant access to their systems. It offers quick and easy access to financial markets and products through various types of electronic online trading platforms including smartphones or other forms of mobile phone trading


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Christmas Budgeting

Christmas is just round the corner and for most of us this season is the most expensive time of year. It’s not easy to stick to a budget – shopping can be so tempting, even if it means spending much of the time stuck in traffic, or going round a parking lot in circles hoping for a free space! Many people go nuts with Christmas and holiday shopping. However, if you want to live a life of building wealth and making wise financial decisions, you need to prepare for Christmas.

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Top 10 finance hints for young adults

Money is an important topic for everyone. If you are young, and just starting out in the world of work, you may not have much of it yet! But it is never too early to learn some basics. Whether you are thinking about banking, insurance or investing, we can provide some help to get you started. We have collected our top 10 finance hints - follow these, and you will be well on your way to making the best use of your money.

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