October 2018

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Insurance Cover for Small Businesses.

 What items from my business should I include under my insurance? What types of risks would normally be covered by a commercial property insurance policy? How do I calculate the sum insured?  
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It is important that you start thinking early about saving for your child as the sooner you start, the more time your money will have to grow. This can be done through various products available from banks and insurance.

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Teaching children how to save and spend

Teaching your teenagers how to save and spend is important to your present financial condition and to the future financial condition of your children.

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MFSA - Financial Education School Workshops 

In collaboration with the GEM 16+ during the first week of October the MFSA held  a series of talks relating to financial education with several groups of students. Various subjects were discussed including; budgeting,  banking and investments



MFSA warnings and foreign warnings received by the MFSA

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